USB-Type C Cable

USB-C Cable works with the New iPhone 15


UItra Durable


90 Deg

Dual Entry


w/ surge Protect


The No.1 USB Type C Cable for your phone apart from the originals. Get the only much needed spare cable for your phones.


Its the Last Cable you will ever require.

Don’t shortchange yourself with another low quality cable. Over here at Cablepals, Our team seek out the best charging cables from all over the world to charge your phones with. 

Best Companion for the Outdoors

Titan Power Cables are renowned for their exceptional durability and are the ultimate companions for outdoor adventures. With the ability to seamlessly pair with a robust 20000mAh power bank, you’re all set for a worry-free journey towards a truly empowered outdoor experience. Get the cable now!

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After Covid Opening? Yes! Organizing an event and need instant cable supplies fast? All our items are locally stocked!

An easier way to make your purchases.

We’ve moved out from Shopee and Lazada amidst higher rates and lesser customer satisfaction. Our products are quality, authentic, reasonably priced for its quality.  

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SilverPath Y100

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